PRO HUNTER PROWLER LURE 100G Chartreuse Sport Lumo

If you need to choose just one lure, this is it. The Prowler has developed a fearsome reputation for fishing success in NZ and the Pacific. If a fish eats metal it will eat the Prowler. It is also very versatile; there are three attachment points on each lure meaning the action can be varied regularly. Being end-weighted it is also able to be dropped quickly when needed because of current or drift speed.

How to Fish the Prowler 
The most important feature of the Prowler is that the action can be varied by changing the mounting point. There are three. By attaching it at the weighted end, the lure has a greater fluttering action. Attaching it from the centre gives yet another movement. In deeper water and where there is additional current it is best tied with the weight down. Because the lure is compact in shape, the Prowler will drop like a stone when tied that way.

The Prowler does need rod action to be at it’s best. When weight up, short rod movements are all that is required as the lure will tip over when lowered. Longer sweeps of the rod are best when the lure is weight down.



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